December 19, 2021
Category: Things To Do


If you think of blue skies and tranquil shores when you picture a coastal getaway, then a winter vacation to the Oregon coast might not seem so traditional and enticing at first. But to ignore our jaw-dropping scenic shoreline with its striking force and majestic cliffs is to omit an exceptional destination with scenery unlike anywhere else.

Oregonians know the coast’s wild unpredictability and they take any chance they can get to travel to the mighty Pacific ocean because it is never a dull journey. But it’s not all storms and rainy hikes; you might be surprised to learn that our winters are actually more pleasant than most people realize. 

In fact, because the Oregon Coast is so wildly unpredictable, a trip to its shorelines will give you all sorts of dreamy activities. You might find yourself cozying up by a fireplace, watching the waves crashing with all their godlike force during a spectacular storm; or you might find yourself walking the infinite-looking beach on a clear, sunny day with absolutely no crowds on a day that ends with a remarkable sunset over a beach bonfire. 

With that said, pack for every occasion and read on to discover the many outstanding things that await you beyond the mountains by the Pacific ocean.

Winter Storm Watching



There’s nothing quite like experiencing the drama of a storm playing out over the Pacific Ocean. With the fitting soundtrack and from the safety of your lodging, you can watch in and have a first-row viewing of a natural occurrence that’s inspired the most moving operas in history. Rapture in the coastline as the weather moves in, the winds and the water entrusted in an intimate dance and bringing it all to the shore with stunning crashing waves and magnificent sounds. 

Whale Watching



That’s right! Whether you hike up to the many capes along our coastline or you hop on a guided boat, you can experience a unique occurrence: the mighty mammals migrating to warmer waters passing by this land of ours. They migrate south through the region beginning in mid-December. Approximately 18,000 whales travel along Oregon’s coast, and 30 whales pass by each hour at its peak. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Holiday Shopping



Here’s one thing Oregonians never take for granted and something that visitors from all over the country adore: no sales tax! When it comes to finding the perfect holiday gift, the towns on the Oregon coast carry unique treasures to impress your loved ones. For example, Seaside’s stores stock their shelves with local artisan crafts, priceless vintage collectibles, and locally sourced foods. Plus, by shopping for your holiday gifts here, you will be supporting local makers and small businesses!

Lights and Holiday Playing



The seaside beach still offers the most adventurous when it comes to the imagination of your kids, where they can pretend to be explorers, build sandcastles and find sand dollars. Take advantage of the carousel mall, the arcade, and the retro aquarium during the holidays for great deals, interactive activities for all ages, and for the perfect backdrop to your family holiday photos.