The Ultimate Guide to Road Tripping the Northern Oregon Coast

July 01, 2021
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The Oregon Coast is famous for its stunning beaches, jaw-dropping stacks and rugged scenery, and endless opportunities for adventures and coastal backdrops for perfect pictures.

“From the trees to the coast,” the signs say as you drive past them on the way to the pacific coast, surrounded by old-growth forests and other travelers along the way. From the temperate rainforests around Lincoln City to the sand dunes of the Central Oregon Coast, there seems to be an adventure fit for everyone. There are so many things to do on the Northern Oregon coast, and we are here to guide you on your way until you reach your destination for a wonderful sleepover.

Read below to discover a unique way to travel through the Oregon coast and connect with a place filled with tradition, history, and a distinctive connection between the people and the land.

Northern Oregon Coast

Photo Credit: Claudia Gonzalez

Our journey begins with a good playlist driving along the U.S 26 West, but instead of keeping that trajectory, we make our way south onto OR 6 West, towards the lovely town of Tillamook.

Just like the contestants of the latest season of Top Chef, you’ll find on the way not only stunning views of Cape Lookout but also plenty of wonderful spots to indulge in the local cuisine.

Cape Lookout State Park provides a day-use area for visitors to either hike both trails, or to spend a few hours on the remote shores tucked between the capes.

Cape Lookout State Park

Photo Credit: The Oregonian

From there, make your way north.

A quick stop at Netarts Bay will teach you about the local traditions of clam picking, not only through the signs along the bay, but you will most likely meet with clam farmers working early in the morning.

Netarts Bay

Photo Credit: Claudia Gonzalez

For the most stunning views, keep going along the 101 North, alongside the coast. A bit hungry? It doesn’t get fresher than this. Jetty Fishery and RV Park, north of the charming town of Garibaldi offers freshly picked Dungeness crabs and oysters, boiled to perfection with the same saltwater from the bay.

Jetty Fishery
Photo Credit: Claudia Gonzalez

For the next quick adventure, Oswald West State Park offers delightful and easy trails for the family. And, if you’re time-restrictive, there are plenty of Viewpoints along the way. The jaw-dropping coastline can be seen for miles and miles on a sunny day, with lovely Manzanita on your left and the remarkable stacks and rocks from Arch Cape on your right - setting the mood for what’s to come as you drive north to your final destination - Seaside, Oregon.

Oswald West State Park

Photo Credit: Claudia Gonzalez

Being named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Cannon Beach is a must-stop before you reach Seaside. Our neighboring town, only divided by Ecola State Park and the dramatic Tillamook Head, it's known for its world-class cuisine, breweries, and breathtaking shoreline. A fun fact for movie lovers out there, it’s the setting for the cult-classic 80s flick The Goonies.

Cannon Beach
Photo Credit: Claudia Gonzalez

An adventure quite like this deserves to be concluded with a crown. Seaside is the quintessential beach town, and it is known as the Crown Jewel of the Oregon coast. It truly is the most classic way to experience the Oregon coast. With miles of sandy beaches along the popular Promenade, there’s so much space that you’ll rarely feel crowded and the sunsets are bound to impress travelers from all over the world. Enjoy kayaking, hiking, razor clamming, and kite flying.


Photo Credit: Claudia Gonzalez

Spanning the Necanicum River, Seaside’s Broadway Street features unique restaurants, pubs, and cafes and ends at the beachfront promenade. And, for a final treat, pamper yourself to a night at the newest boutique hotel in Seaside: The SaltLine hotel.

SaltLine Hotel

See you on the road, travelers!