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Seasides Newest Hotel
January 06, 2021

Relax and Recharge at Seaside’s Stylish New SaltLine Hotel

There is nothing like a trip to the coast to soothe the soul, and now there is a new lodging option in Seaside to really pamper yourself during your stay. The stylish SaltLine, which opened in July 2020, offers many amenities that stretch beyond the stale formula concepts you find at so many big brand hotels. “We wanted a place that provided something better, more than just come, sleep, and go,” explains hotelier/entrepreneur Masudur Khan. He envisioned a lifestyle boutique hotel wi...

April 17, 2021

Four Off The Beaten Path Places Around Seaside

A weekend getaway to the Oregon Coast wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Seaside. It is the quintessential beach town, and it’s surrounded by some of the most wonderful natural gems. As you reach Highway 101 - the iconic Pacific Coast Scenic Byway - the coast and cliffs will perch through and you will know you have arrived. Seaside is known for its lively ambiance, amazing food, shops, and things to do, so it is expected to attract some crowds. But imagine you wake up in one of ...

July 01, 2021

SaltLine Hotel Is Featured On

SaltLine Hotel is featured on Travel and Leisure as part of the 13 Amazing Asian American-owned Hotels in the U.S. Read More Here: ...

July 01, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Road Tripping the Northern Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is famous for its stunning beaches, jaw-dropping stacks and rugged scenery, and endless opportunities for adventures and coastal backdrops for perfect pictures. “From the trees to the coast,” the signs say as you drive past them on the way to the pacific coast, surrounded by old-growth forests and other travelers along the way. From the temperate rainforests around Lincoln City to the sand dunes of the Central Oregon Coast, there seems to be an adventure fit for eve...